A collection of news articles and blogs about Scuttlebutt.



Format Name Author Date
audio P2P Messaging & Scuttlebutt with Dominic Tarr Zero Knowledge 12 June 2019
audio & video Dominic Tarr: Secure Scuttlebutt – The “Localized” but Distributed Social Network Epicenter Bitcoin 4 June 2019
audio The Third Web #11 - Scuttlebutt & Cypherspace Arthur Falls 21 November 2018
audio Build our own internet with André Staltz ScriptCast 31 October 2018
audio Datcast Episode 4 - Stephen Whitmore (@noffle) Datcast 21 Sept 2018
audio Rich Decibels on Teal, Scuttlebutt and Solarpunk Stephen Reid In Dialogue 2 Sept 2018
audio ‘Solarpunk Social’, with Scuttlebutt StealThisShow 31 August 2018
audio P2P People to People Code Podcast 6 July 2018
audio Off-Grid Social Network with Andre Staltz Software Engineering Daily 26 May 2017
video Interview with Dominic Tarr from Secure Scuttlebutt Paul Tanasyuk 17 May 2017
text Dominic Tarr : Secure-Scuttlebutt _theInitialCommit 4 Apr 2017
audio OH004 – Secure Scuttlebutt Oktahedron 30 November 2016
video Interview with Rob Knight (hexayurt vc) and Dominic Tarr (secure scuttlebutt) Vinay Gupta 4 November 2016
text The History of Scuttlebot with Dominic Tarr Gwen Bell 1 September 2016

Blog Posts

Name Author Date
Walled Garden Breakout, Pt. 2: Secure Scuttlebutt Rusty 28 May 2019
Dweb: Social Feeds with Secure Scuttlebutt André Staltz 8 August 2018
A Praise Chorus Zach Mandeville 11 July 2018
Online socializing - let’s try something else Tara Planas 16 April 2018
Decentralisation and Scuttlebutt Lance Wicks 8 January 2018
The Future Will Be Technical (SSB Non-dev Resources Grant) Zach Mandeville 13 December 2017
An Off-Grid Social Network Andre Staltz 6 April 2017
Gossiping Securely is the new Email (Medium) Mix Irving 13 Feb 2016
Uncapturable Distribution (Hypermarkdown) Mix Irving 23 October 2015