A collection of news articles and blogs about Scuttlebutt.



audioP2P Messaging & Scuttlebutt with Dominic TarrZero Knowledge12 June 2019
audio & videoDominic Tarr: Secure Scuttlebutt – The “Localized” but Distributed Social NetworkEpicenter Bitcoin4 June 2019
audioThe Third Web #11 - Scuttlebutt & CypherspaceArthur Falls21 November 2018
audioBuild our own internet with André StaltzScriptCast31 October 2018
audioDatcast Episode 4 - Stephen Whitmore (@noffle)Datcast21 Sept 2018
audioRich Decibels on Teal, Scuttlebutt and SolarpunkStephen Reid In Dialogue2 Sept 2018
audio‘Solarpunk Social’, with ScuttlebuttStealThisShow31 August 2018
audioP2P People to PeopleCode Podcast6 July 2018
audioOff-Grid Social Network with Andre StaltzSoftware Engineering Daily26 May 2017
videoInterview with Dominic Tarr from Secure ScuttlebuttPaul Tanasyuk17 May 2017
textDominic Tarr : Secure-Scuttlebutt_theInitialCommit4 Apr 2017
audioOH004 – Secure ScuttlebuttOktahedron30 November 2016
videoInterview with Rob Knight (hexayurt vc) and Dominic Tarr (secure scuttlebutt)Vinay Gupta4 November 2016
textThe History of Scuttlebot with Dominic TarrGwen Bell1 September 2016

Blog Posts

Walled Garden Breakout, Pt. 2: Secure ScuttlebuttRusty28 May 2019
Dweb: Social Feeds with Secure ScuttlebuttAndré Staltz8 August 2018
A Praise ChorusZach Mandeville11 July 2018
Online socializing - let’s try something elseTara Planas16 April 2018
Decentralisation and ScuttlebuttLance Wicks8 January 2018
The Future Will Be Technical (SSB Non-dev Resources Grant)Zach Mandeville13 December 2017
An Off-Grid Social NetworkAndre Staltz6 April 2017
Gossiping Securely is the new Email (Medium)Mix Irving13 Feb 2016
Uncapturable Distribution (Hypermarkdown)Mix Irving23 October 2015